Recovered Website for Bear Creek Outfitters

See our latest customer portfolio item regarding a website recovery project for Bear Creek Outfitters.

New custom website for

We have just launched the new, a custom built website for a Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer and Black Bear outfitter.   This client was in need of a new home for their website, plus website management and came to us because of our ability to get other outfitter websites ranked well on search engines.  The client’s site had been out of commission for several months.  We were able to work with the previous webmaster and to restore and enhance their site with new image galleries and updated hunting information.

You can see more in our portfolio.

New WordPress Responsive Site

Check out the new website for Chatterson Wealth Management.  This project combined custom website development along with using a WordPress responsive theme and Search Engine Optimization.  More information is available in our client portfolio.

Responsive Website for Bear Down Outfitters

We have just launched the new, a custom responsive website for a Saskatchewan Black Bear outfitter.   This client was in need of a brand new website, from scratch, and came to us because of our ability to get other outfitter websites ranked well on search engines.  We also worked with the client to put together a Google AdWords campaign.

Lather Rinse Repeat SEO Method

Maybe the better title for this SEO Method article would be How to Repeat Success.

When you have a marketing activity (tactic) that works, the simple formula to get more results is to do more of the same activity.  If you invest in 100 units of something and get back 200 units in return then simple math says that you can get 400 units, if you put in 200 units.  That seems pretty simple.  As easy as washing your hair, where the instructions on most shampoo bottles is “Lather – Rinse – Repeat”.  Following those instructions should produce predictable results, clean hair.

Sometime marketers are convinced that they must constantly innovate and change in order to deliver value to their organization.  To this I say yes, but not always, especially in many cases.  How was that for clarity?  Simply put, i don’t believe all change and all innovation is progress.  If you have uncovered a formula, or a process that works, it would be a disservice to your company to stop following that process.

An example will help explain.  A tried and tested formula for achieving good SEO rankings is to select a search term with value to your customer base, establish a page, or several, that provide the user with interesting and valuable content on the topic, supplement with several blog articles, posted at regular intervals, and make use of social media to help spread the message and attract potential links.  If this works for Product A, how do you attract a market to Product B?  Lather – Rinse – Repeat, follow the same SEO formula.

Once you have developed a process that produces success, you don’t need to start over.  Can you get better results than your Lather – Rinse – Repeat SEO method.  Absolutely!  But modify your success formula in small and measurable ways, so that you know what changes produced improvements.


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Responsive Website – Classic Ball Fields

A quick announcement, we have just launched a new website on a classic subject, using the most current responsive website programming. is all about the love of the game of baseball, and the baseball fields the games are played in.

You can read more detail in the Portfolio, or go visit

The website is fully mobile responsive, which is even more important now that Google is using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal for mobile search.


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Google Wants to Reward Your Mobile Friendly Site

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

If it is, then Google is preparing to reward you with more mobile traffic by giving it better ranking on mobile search results.

Does Mobile Friendly Matter for My Business?

Usually the answer is yes.  If your business relies on customers to drive revenue, then absolutely.  Some examples of businesses where mobile friendly should be considered essential include:

  • restaurants
  • retail stores
  • personal services
  • bodyshop
  • mechanic
  • eye care
  • dentist
  • home services

Of course the list can be as long as we have time to sit and think of business categories.  Simply put, if you have customers and competition, your website should be mobile friendly.

Mobile Search is the fastest growing segment of the search market.  Depending on which study you refer to, mobile users take action on their search results, within the hour, 55% to 70% of the time.  Mobile users that find your business online have a conversion percentage nearly three times higher than the same search done on a desktop or laptop.   Why? Mobile users are on the go. When you’re browsing, you grab the laptop and start researching or just satisfying curiosity for products or services. When you grab your smartphone to search, you have a specific intent in mind, whether it be food, clothing or an oil change for your car. Mobile searchers are buyers, assuming you can meet their needs.

How Can I Test my Website:

Google has provided a tool to test webpages at

Here is what it will look like if you pass the test:


April 21, 2015 Deadline for Google Mobile Friendly

Google will roll out an update to it’s ranking algorithm on April 21st that is said to have “significant implications” on mobile site rankings.  If your site is able to pass the test for what Google considers to be Mobile Friendly, then expect more traffic coming your way.

What does Google Mobile Friendly Mean?

There are 3 tests that Google performs on a website to determine if it is Mobile Friendly.  These are:

  • Is the text large enough to read on a phone?
  • Is the mobile viewport set?
  • Are the links far enough apart?

One of the great things about the test, is that if you don’t pass the test, it will tell which of the three reasons your site failed.

What Do I Do If My Site Fails the Google Mobile TEst?

The first thing is too panic, and then panic some more.  It’s Mobilegeddon!  OK, done panicing?  Good!  Now lets get to work.  April 21st is just around the corner.   If you want to lead your business segment for mobile search traffic, then we can help you convert your site to a mobile friendly site.  Just use our Contact page or call us directly at 306-371-4595.


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Can Your Website Live Without a Logo?

How important is a logo to your website? More importantly, how important is a logo to your marketing?

The power brands are well know by their logos, think IBM, Coca-Cola, Nike, Chevrolet, Apple, Shell, McDonalds. The brand awareness of these companies is so strong that almost anyone seeing the logo can immediately name the company and knows the products they sell. On the Internet, we have grown accustomed to company logos appearing at the top of the page and clicking the logo taking you to the home page of the website.

For a lesser known company, a logo is less recognized, but think back to some companies that were lesser know only 10 years ago, and as you read each one, does their logo come to mind?

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Yes it does.

But can your company survive, grow, and thrive without a logo?  The answer is yes you probably can, but why would you want to risk it?  All of the famous brands have a recognizable logo, so there is a lesson in that for all marketers.  I believe some elements of a business marketing plan are non-negotiable.  A logo is one of them.  I have a favorite graphic designer I farm out all of my client’s logo design needs to, a trusted source of quality work.  I do this because I get quality work at a reasonable price and my clients are always happy.  You can also farm out the design work to some market places on the Internet and get designers to bid and submit proofs for your review.

Regardless, don’t skip past the importance of a quality logo for your business.  It is the anchor for your brand and for your website.


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Ground Hog Day SEO Approach

Does it seems like your SEO is caught in the Ground Hog Day cycle? In the movie Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray keeps waking up to Ground Hog day, over and over and over, the same day repeats itself. If your SEO feels like you keep going to work, but nothing changes, then perhaps you are following a stale routine that is bound to produce the same bland results, the same day, over an over.

Ground Hog Day is a a great day to take a new approach to SEO, freshen up, and see if you can move the needle.  We have a couple suggestions below, but, before you start, keep in mind that nothing is permanent on the Internet, no failure is fatal, and no victory is final.  With enough attempts, you will find improvements.

Take the Ground Hog Day SEO Approach

Step 1.  Select two keywords (search terms) on your site and separate pages or sets of pages that relate to each keyword.

Step 2. Devise two different SEO tactics to try and improve your search engine placement.

Step 3. Implement the tactics from Step 2 and monitor the changes in placement for the next two weeks.  Make sure you document what you do.

Step 4. This is your Ground Hog Day of Reckoning.  For each of the tactics you choose, evaluate your placement.  if you have moved up, congratulations, the ground hog didn’t see it’s shadow and your SEO spring is coming.  Use this tactic on more areas of your site.  Did you fall in the rankings, did the ground hog see it’s shadow?  Are 6 more weeks of SEO winter coming your way?  Remember, nothing is permanent.  Immediately change back the losing tactic to the way it was pre-ground hog day and move on to another tactic.

What SEO Tactic Should I Use?

If you don’t try something different, your results will repeat, so here are two approaches that you can try:

1. Go Long Tail and support each variant with a new page on your site.  Take your root keyword and add modifiers to it to make it more specific (ie. less competition for the phrase) and build content pages that are optimized for that long-tail version of your root keyword.

2. Go social.  Choose an interesting piece of content on your site, informative or instructional, and blast it out on all your social channels.  Encourage your followers to like and link to your content and give tell them why they should, why their audience might like the content.

3. Refresh Old Content.  Dig up some content that has been on your site for several years, and edit the content to update the information, new stats, new observations, or post a revision to the article with responses to feedback and comments.

All three of these tactics have proven highly successful.  Go Ground Hog Day SEO and see what happens.


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WordPress Makes Mobile Easy

Everyone has a smart phone.

My mother in law has a smart phone, and mobile internet browsing is continuing to climb.  I have seen the mobile to desktop usage ratios on some of my clients sites at almost 1:1.  Having a website that displays properly on an iPhone, and Android phone, or a Windows phone is now an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

Responsive Web Design is Hard

Writing the code, using cascading style sheets, to render a website properly on the device the user has at hand is hard.  The array of screen sizes keeps growing and screen resolutions are anything but standard.  Writing code for each screen size, once practical, is now impossible.

WordPress Makes Mobile Easy

Fortunately, WordPress developers and theme designers have made the life of a website developer much easier by building a number of responsive themes and writing standard code in the WordPress engine to aid in the presentation of websites, no matter the screen.

Netnotic Marketing is a huge fan of WordPress, and the many options to choose from, when delivering a responsive website to one of our clients, is one of the many reasons.