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Saskatchewan Mobile First Website Data

The Saskatchewan internet and search landscape is shifting to mobile devices.  We have compiled a study of Saskatchewan based websites and the comparison of traffic (user sessions) access the websites by desktop or by mobile device.  The websites used in this study form a cross section of industries, company size, and is split between B2C and B2B marketers.

Definition of Mobile Device

When we did our comparisons, we treated tablets as desktop computing devices.  Our rationale is that the manner in which tablets are used plus the display size tend more towards a desktop computer than a mobile device, that is, a smart phone.  From our own anecdotal observations plus those reported in numerous other publications, tablets tend to be mobile around the house or around the office.  They are an extension of the desktop browsing experience, chosen more for form factor than for true mobile capabilities.  As a result, our numbers for mobile then may be somewhat understated as compared to other reports which may lump tablets and smart phones together as mobile*.

Business to Consumer Mobile First Website Data

The overall ratio of mobile internet access to desktop in the B2C companies studied was 41% mobile to 59% desktop*.  Some company websites reached as high as 61% and 59% of all traffic from mobile phones.  For these companies, a Mobile First strategy is imperative as otherwise they risk exposing over 1/2 of their user base to a poor user experience.

SK B2C websites mobile vs desktop


Business to Business Mobile First Website Data

Surprisingly, the overall ratio of mobile internet access to desktop in the B2B companies studied was also 41% mobile to 59% desktop*.  (I had secretly hoped there would be a sizeable difference in the stats.)  One company website reached as high as 78% all traffic from mobile phones while several others were extremely balanced at 50% to 50%.


SK B2B websites mobile vs desktop


Saskatchewan Mobile First Compared to the Rest of the World

It was reported that in November of 2016, the world reached the tipping point of greater than 50% of internet use by mobile as compared to desktop.

* If tablets were included with smart phones in the mobile category, then the percentages of total mobile to total desktop would be 44% to 56% for B2C and 43% to 57% for B2B.

Why Use WordPress? Plug-Ins!

We Love WordPress

WordPress is a tremendous website publishing platform for our customers.  For customers who are only moderately computer literate, managing content such as pages, blog posts and images is straightforward and can be handled without a web programmer, a big cost savings for many customers.  On top of being an easy to use content management system, WordPress offers thousands of third-party plug-ins that extend and enhance the capabilities of WordPress.

WordPress Plug-Ins

Another reason why WordPress is a great website publishing tool are the thousands of plug-ins available.  Plug-Ins are additional blocks of code that have typically been built by programmers to solve a specific problem that website developers face.  The plug-ins range from simple image gallery display systems to extremely complex e-commerce systems.  Many plug-ins are free, some offer a paid premium option for even more functionality.  Some plug-ins are only available as a paid option.

If you are loading up a plug-in, and it has a free option and a paid premium option, I recommend that in most circumstance, choose the paid premium options.  Most premium options are $50 or less and the price will be well worth it.  Often plug-ins are distributed free, and users are simply asked to donate to the author.  You are not required to donate to use the plug-in, but please consider sending them $15 to $20.  It’s a small price to pay for a block of code that would likely take weeks or months to develop.

Plug-Ins Add Functionality

WordPress themes can offer a wide range of designs, layouts and functionality.  Where the theme code leaves off, plug-ins add that enhanced functionality that may not be built into the theme.  For example, I have often found a nice, simple theme that has the layout and look I want, but is short on features such as a built-in slideshow or user registration system.  Load up the right plug-in and now both are taken care of.

Plug-In Updates

Stay on top of your WordPress plug-ins but updating them when you are notified of new versions.  When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, if updates are available, you will see a red number next to the Plugins menu item.


Plugin updates are often to repair minor bugs, add new features, or enhance your website’s security. Responsive Website

A new site for whitetail deer hunters.  The responsive website is a new web site for deer hunters to find Saskatchewan deer hunting Outfitters.

View the details in our portfolio or see more at

A new site for outdoors enthusiasts.  The responsive site is a new web site for moose hunters to find Saskatchewan moose hunting Outfitters.

View the details in our portfolio or see more at

Web Development – Responsive Parallax site for Impact Energy

Just launched in January, a newly built website for a new client, Impact Energy.  The website delivers a number of key features such as responsive design, parallax layout, response forms, and many others.  See our portfolio article for more information

Football Trivia Game Challenge

Following on the releases of the Baseball Trivia Challenge and Hockey Trivia Challenge, as part of the Sport Trivia Challenge, we have just put the finishing touches on the Football Trivia Challenge.

The Football Trivia Challenge was built for sports fans who just love football a little bit more than all other sports.  Answer all the questions correctly and you will end up in the Hall of Fame.

The Sport Trivia Challenge website was designed with a Mobile First approach.

Hockey Trivia Game

Following on the release of the Baseball Trivia Challenge as part of the Sport Trivia Challenge, we have just put the finishing touches on the Hockey Trivia Challenge.

The Hockey Trivia Challenge was built for sports fans who just love hockey a little bit more than all other sports.  Answer all the questions correctly and you will end up in the Hall of Fame.

Next up will be the release of the Football Trivia Challenge.

Baseball Trivia

For all you sports fans, but especially you BASEBALL FANS! now has a Baseball Only Trivia Game.

You can play our newest Baseball Trivia Game edition now!

Coming before the new year, also look out for a Hockey Trivia Game and a Football Trivia Game.

Rodeo Management – Draw Generation

A central element to the Rodeo Management SystemTM recently released by Netnotic Marketing is the Rodeo Draw Generation feature.

An effective rodeo draw process gives the rodeo administration the appropriate level of control, plus a random assignment algorithm to produce a draw that meets the needs of the rodeo administration in terms of balancing the performances while keeping the draw assignments fair.  For each rodeo draw generation, the administrators can set:

  • maximum number of entrants per event
  • assign priorities to entry groups
  • assignment of entry groups to performances across all event preferences for each member
  • optional assignment of stock to entrants within each performance

After the automated draw generation process has been performed, the rodeo administrative still have full manual control to edit and adjust as the draw, assignments to performances, and orders.  Once the admin has determined that all draw information is ready to go, the draw can be made public as will then be visible on the public side of the Rodeo Management SystemTM.

See more about the Rodeo Management System at

Rodeo Management

Our first season trial of the Rodeo Management SystemTM (RMS) has now been completed and we are opening up the service to additional rodeo companies. At only $200 per rodeo, this system is priced to be affordable by small rodeo organizations yet is scaleable to an unlimited number of rodeos, events, and entrants.

On the Public side of the RMS application, the system handles all aspects of providing rodeo information including:

  • the rodeo schedule
  • entry to the rodeo, including buddy groups
  • displaying the rodeo draw
  • displaying the rodeo results
  • displaying rodeo season standings

On the Administration side, the RMS handles all aspects of the management side including:

  • member / entrant database
  • stock and stock contractor database
  • rodeo and event management
  • payment recording
  • printing receipts for members / entrants
  • generating the rodeo draw including priorities and max entrants per performance
  • posting the rodeo draw
  • payout calculations
  • generating prize money cheques
  • plus many management and administrative reports

More information about the Rodeo Management System can be found at