Making Digital Marketing Work Better

We make Digital Marketing work better for Saskatchewan based companies. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to website design and content improvement, we make websites work better. If your existing website is not performing up to your expectations, we can help. We can target your website to your market and improve the performance. Our Value Proposition to You – Leveraging the Web to help Small Business Compete Locally and Globally.

Google Certification

Galen Sonntag of Netnotic Marketing is a Google Certified AdWords Professional. This certification requires the completion of a rigorous process where competence in using and managing the Google AdWords advertising program must be demonstrated, including passing several exams. The official certification can be validated by visiting the Google Certification Program page.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is our catch-all terms for applying our online marketing expertise to help your website and your business perform better. Depending on the customer needs, we will help to implement a combination of service offerings including Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing PPC Campaigns, Social Media, Analytics and Reporting, and Website Design or re-design. What needs to be implemented is determined through a comprehensive customer review and planning process. We want to implement the tools needed to grow your business, without loading you down with too much to handle. For some customers this consists of building a site with proper architecture with built-in Search Engine optimization. For other customers is may mean planning out and executing their entire online marketing presence from website design and management to social media integration and Google AdWords PPC campaign management.

Netnotic is also the parent company of a number of other online marketing channels targeted to different market segments, including Sports Marketing and Outdoors Marketing. These other online channels include: