Our Digital Marketing Team at Netnotic Marketing


Galen – Strategy Development, SEO, SEM, Programming.

Somebody needs to be in charge and that’s me, Galen.  I have been running marketing departments for national and international companies for 25 years.  For the past 7 years I have ran Netnotic Marketing to help small and medium businesses market more effectively via digital channels.  I look after the high level digital marketing strategy development with our clients as well as the more technical side of some our work, SEO, digital advertising, database programming.  I guess I’m the company Nerd in Charge.


Brett – Creative Development

Good ideas are hard to come by but that’s where Brett comes in.  He’s a fountain of ideas.  Don’t let the scowl in the picture above fool you, he’s actually quite charming.


Corinne – Project Manager

Corinne keeps the machine running. she keeps on top of what needs to be done and when it needs to get done.  Give her a challenge and she will prove it can be done.


Kyle – Production. Word Press development and site management.

Our WordPress Wizard.  Kyle knows the ins and outs of WordPress and the 1000’s of WordPress plug-ins.  He’s the Content Management Systems Management Expert.


Kelsey – Photography and Writing.

Hey, how do I say this better?  Hey we need more content!  Kelsey to the rescue.  From an ability to write that makes us all sound smarter to turning simple everyday stuff into great pictures, Kelsey is the go to content person.