Rodeo Management System

TYRRA Goes Live on RMS

The Texas Youth Ranch Rodeo Association began their use of the Rodeo Management System today. This is the second association using RMS in Texas to come on board this year. The rodeo format TYRRA uses is significantly different than a typical rodeo as all events are team-based and teams enter all events. Because of this unique format, we developed some custom registration and rodeo entry functions to accommodate. As well, we added another layer of team/team member database management to allow for the management of both teams as well as individuals within their organization.

We completed, and tested, all the customization work well in advance of their rodeo season which begins in May. As usual, the customization work was done at no charge as we are confident that the tool, functions, reports and more that we developed will be useful to other rodeo associations in the future.

CRA Chooses Rodeo Management System

The Chinook Rodeo Association has selected the Rodeo Management System to manage their rodeo entries, draw management, results, standings, and more.

As usually happens, the CRA had a few additions requested to help manage their rodeo needs according to their association rules and practices. Some of these include special draw order assignment based on preferences and performances, some custom column display formats on the Judges Sheets, custom payout rules for the Lil Rascals event, and rodeo balance sheets.

As usual, when we were asked if “RMS could do that?” the answer was a confident, “Not yet”. So far we have been able to accommodate all the special requests of our users and improve the feature list of our system.

BCRA chooses Rodeo Management System

The British Columbia Rodeo Association has chosen the Rodeo Management System by Netnotic Marketing Inc. for the 2018 season and beyond.

While searching for an upgrade to their outdated rodeo draw system, the BCRA contacted Netnotic Marketing for a demo of the RMS. Clearly the system delivered a wide array of features desired by the BCRA. Some custom features were discussed and quickly put into the development queue.

Custom features on RMS are developed and deployed at no additional cost to the association requesting the new features. These simply become a new feature available to all system users. This is achievable as the RMS is 100% web-based so upgrades become available immediately to all.

Some of the enhancements to the system based on BCRA requests include ability for rodeo entrants to enter an event twice in one entry, a % convenience fee for online payments, family memberships and one time renewals, a new calculation for dual approved rodeo associations, special entry testing for permit memberships and higher priority assignments in draws for multiple rodeo entrants in the same weekend.

The BCRA will begin using the RMS in 2018 for their 20 rodeo season.

California High School Rodeo Association uses Rodeo Management System

The California High School Rodeo Association has just come on board using the Rodeo Management SystemTM (RMS) supplied by Netnotic Marketing Inc.

The California High School Rodeo Association secretary was referred by another customer who was using the RMS through the summer Northern California Junior Rodeo season. They have signed up the District 3 association with rodeos running from September through May.  There are two divisions, High School and Junior High School, both of which are now taking advantage of the Rodeo Management System to handle rodeo schedules, rodeo entries, member databases, rodeo draw generation, results and payout calculations, standings, and custom reporting.

As with each Rodeo Association, there were a few unique requirements to the California High School Rodeo Association.  We have worked quickly to build these requirements into standard features and improvements such that the RMS is now better suited to handle additional High School Rodeo Associations across the U.S.A. and Canada.

2017 has been a tremendous year of growth for the Rodeo Management System, with new customers and new enhancements that suggest more great things to come in the last quarter of 2017 and into 2018.