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Making Ecommerce work for Local Business

Let’s face it, we have few other choice. We need to find a way to keep business running. We have a duty to our employees to do everything possible to provide them employment and a duty to our customers who rely on our products. Some businesses have chosen the other path, the hunker down and hope it all goes away quickly. Truth is, we don’t know how long this abnormal situation will last. We hope it is not the new normal, but it is what we have for now. Meanwhile, we can get this new kibo code quantum program here till things settle down.

So the answer is innovate, create, find a way. The ability for business to survive based on foot traffic, for most, is not viable. But consumers are not without resources. Yes, a great deal of consumers have been financially impacted, if their jobs have been impacted, but there are many who are still in need of acquiring the products you offer. Many are not venturing outside their homes, unless absolutely essential, to shop.

Consumers Have Time to Shop Online

What consumers do have is time. This is being filled by many with screen time. Streaming media, music videos, video chat, conferencing, movies, binge watching TV shows, and, shopping. Yes, online shopping is accelerating, specially now that websites like Raise allow customers to get great discounts on their purchases. If we don’t offer them a local option, they will buy from Amazon. This revenue available to local businesses.

Maximize Your Tools and Talents, Online

To make the best out of the current situation, think of the talents of your employees and help provide them with the tools to bring your products to your customers using ecommerce, email, social media, and any other technology tool available starting with this auto clicker guide. This will help you keep your staff, your loyal staff, whom you have trained and who you rely on as a key success factor in your business.

Ecommerce is the start, getting your products online, on screen, so your customers can place orders. This is a foundational tool. Once in place, it’s time to maximize the rest of available tools and let your employees talents shine.

Get the Word Out

If you just implemented your ecommerce channel so you can sell online, you now need to get the word out. Remember, your customers will be looking online for sources of what they need/want. If they can’t find it locally, they will find it on Amazon.

Begin with your customer database. If you have been diligent and collected customer contact information, email addresses, and permission to market to them, then you need to get the message to them that you are now selling online. Past customers will be the most likely to buy from you again. Be willing to offer them incentives to shop online locally. You also need to offer reassurance of how you and your employees are protecting themselves and your customers from COVID-19. Safe working practices and safe product handling practices.

Social Media to Announce Your Ecommerce Channel

As mentioned earlier, there is more screen time being consumed than ever. People are working from home and people are spending their entertainment time at home. Alongside the email window and office applications, the browser window has their social media apps running. Leverage your social media channels to get the word out about your now available ecommerce store. If they are going to buy from somewhere, it should be you.

Social Media is Evil

Is that a bit of a provocative headline?  Yes, I agree, Social Media is Evil is definitely something that will catch the ire of a few readers.Social Media is Evil Is Social Media really evil?  Depends on your definition.  I had a customer utter the exact phrase recently, which was the catalyst for this article.  His rationale, “I spend so much time on social media, asking customer questions, responding to requests, I can’t get to the rest of my work”.  Hmmm….. is it a matter of priorities?

Seems to me customers and potential customers are the reasons that a company exists, and why we have Sales Teams and Marketing Departments.

If you define social media as a time sucker, as an inconvenience in your day, then yes, Social Media is Evil.  If you reverse the thinking here and define social media as a chance to interact with your customer and prospects, those interested in your brand, then Social Media is a channel to market, an opportunity to share, to learn and to nurture your market.

What do you choose to do with Social Media?

Does Social Media Drive Traffic

Does Social Media Drive Traffic

I recently read an article with the title of Study Says Social Media Sucks at Driving Traffic and I thought it was bang on accurate.  The main of the article is that social media is not a huge referral source for traffic to websites.  Does this mean that social media is failing?

I think the answer is an emphatic NO!  Social Media is not failing, in fact, an interpretation of the study is that social media is extremely engaging and that’s why traffic is not following links to other sites, but rather staying on Facebbook and Twitter and spending their time there.  As social media sites continue to enrich their offerings, they continue to give marketers a platform to interact with their community of interest.

It must be remembered that your objectives on social media need to be set in context of the reason people use social media, first, to interact with their friends, second to seek information.  Successful marketers know that social media is not a lead generation machine, but a place where listening and responding provides opportunity to help shape the online discussion.

Social Media sucks for driving traffic, true, but it excels at building credibility.