Mobile Responsive Parallax WordPress Website for Precision Instrumentation

We have just launched a new website for Precision Instrumentation at This client was referred to us by another of our clients working in the same industry. During our initial discussions, the client indicated in our preliminary discussions that they would like to have the ability to update the website post launch. We built the site using WordPress and chose a theme using the WP Bakery Page Builder to make future updates and edits an easy process. We are always confident when we choose to build a WordPress Website as we know that should the client want to add additional functionality in the future, that there will already be a plug-in in the WordPress system to support that. The theme chosen also included parallax features and is built-in mobile responsive.

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Digital Marketing and SEO for Rhode House Suites

After doing some work in the short term rental / furnished apartment rental industry, we had an inquiry from Rhode House Suites.  Previously we had worked with one of their competitors, who now sits on top of most of the related search queries.  There request of us was simply, “what you did for X, we would like you to do for us.”

Rhode House Suites was starting in a different place in the rankings than “competitor X”.  Generally speaking, Rhode House Suites was in a better position.  We worked through our keyword discovery process with Rhode House and discovered that some of the keywords they were well ranked for did not have much search traffic, therefore the good rankings held very little value.  Continuing on with the research portion of the project, we settled on a set of keywords that were very relevant to the clients business offering and had good potential to drive higher volumes of search traffic.

With our optimization targets agreed to, we went to work re-optimizing their site to position them for traffic that mattered.  Initially, relative ranking position did not really change.  But we swapped out positioning in low traffic keywords for higher traffic, more relevant keywords.  Rankings, while similar, were producing higher levels of organic traffic, producing more leads, resulting in more bookings.

With a couple cycles of review and tweaks, we have been able to keep pushing Rhode House Suites up the rank positions and the results are increasing along with the efforts.

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Digital Marketing Plan for Scott Lake Lodge

Sometimes you just can’t pass up an opportunity to work with a client.  I must confess that I often feel this way whenever I am approached by a client involved in either the fishing or hunting industry.  As a lifelong outdoorsman, I find a tremendous amount of personal interest in what they have to offer.  I feel that my own outdoors passions, digital marketing experience, and their business needs are just a natural fit.  I met this client through my work with the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters, from speaking at their annual conference.

So it seems we all agreed to the same idea.  We put together a plan for Search Engine Optimization work as well as managing their digital ad campaigns on Google Ads.  One of the first questions I asked was “What digital marketing channels are producing the best results?”.  The answer was, they did not know.  They knew they we getting some calls, some emails, some form submissions, from the website but they were not able to determine from which source of traffic, from which marketing efforts, these leads were coming from.  With an aggressive Google Ads budget, this could mean spending thousands of dollars on traffic that never converts to a lead, never becomes a sale.

Before making any changes to the site, or any changes to the ad campaigns, we first put in place proper tracking.  Step 1 was to move their Google Analytics implementation to Google Tag Manager.  Then, Step 2, we set up conversion event tracking, reporting via Google Analytics so we knew what was being gained from organic traffic.  Step 3 was to set up the conversion tracking for Google Ads traffic, again reporting through Google Analytics.  Now, when a website visitor clicks on a phone number, on an email link, or completes a contact form, we can attribute that to the traffic source and ultimately the keyword searches.  We found a lot of the traffic was very transient, highly unlikely to convert to a paying customer.  So we did a deep dive into analytics, in Google Ads data, and we were able to identify the types of keyword searches that did have a higher probability of becoming a customer.

These highly relevant searches formed the basis of our SEO objectives and we set out to overhaul the search engine positioning of the site.  These high value search terms also became the core theme words in our revamp of the Google Ads campaigns.  We still have more work to do, but early comments back from the customer are that contacts from the website have never been this high and the quality has never been this good.

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SEO and Google Ads for Hatchet Lake Lodge

In 2018, we did our first presentation to the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters annual convention (we were asked to return again in 2019).  We have been working with the SCPO already for just under a year, assisting with SEO, digital marketing strategy, and implementing a new Google Ads campaign.  In the lead up to the conference, the SCPO had an inquiry from one of their members about who they were using for digital marketing (it was us) and asked if they could be referred.

So as a result, we met with Hatchet Lake Lodge and discussed a wide variety of digital marketing topics.  Looking at their site statistics, we discovered that they had decent organic traffic volumes but that they were not getting the commitment form the traffic they were hoping for.  In our digital marketing world we refer to those commitments as conversions.  A little more digging and we realized that while traffic volume was decent, the traffic (based on search terms we mined from Google Analytics) was not rally properly aligned with their luxury fishing lodge offering.  So set out on a two-pronged digital marketing plan to revamp the SEO optimization of their website for long-term traffic acquisition and a Google Ads campaign to immediately drive targeted traffic to the site, more in tune with their high end offering.


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Managing Digital Ads for No Fly Zone Waterfowl Outfitters

We were invited to speak at the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters annual convention.  Our primary topic was “Is Your Website Working”.  A good portion of the presentation was spent identifying and describing to top performance metrics every online marketer should pay attention to, most of which can be viewed within Google Analytics.  One of the key questions we were posing to the audience was “How do you know if your marketing dollars are being well spent?”  The vast majority of the audience did not know where to look to answer such a question.

We branched off into other topics, including digital ad platforms, and finally we walked through three sample digital marketing plans that could be utilized by members of the audience.  The follow up from the meeting was as expected, a number of questions where outfitters described their situation and asked for advice.

From this, No Fly Zone Waterfowl Outfitters decided to hire us to manage their digital advertising.  No Fly Zone is located near Aberdeen Saskatchewan.  An area that is abundant in flocks of Snow Geese, Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks and Pintail Ducks.  (I know this as I personally hunt the area frequently.)  The client was interested in gaining qualified traffic for both the Spring Snow Goose Hunt as well as the fall waterfowl season.

We included, at the start of the project, a review of their website and their existing conversion tracking.  The review was quick, there was none.  So step two was to set up conversion tracking within their Google Analytics account and subsequently the Google Ads campaign we would soon set up.  Since we have put proper tracking in place, we can now tell what online marketing efforts are generating the results they want, customer interest through phone calls, emails, and phone submissions.  These can all be tracked back to the traffic source, whether that is organic traffic (such as Google or Bing), referral traffic, direct traffic, or advertising traffic. In fact, for organic and advertising traffic, we can even identify the search terms that resulted in the web site visit and eventually the contact by the customer to No Fly Zone.

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PACE Training Responsive Website Development

Through a number of personal connections, I met with PACE Training at a time when there were a number of business changes going on, including a move to a new facility.  Along with the move, Tiff (owner of PACE) wanted a new website that was modern, reflected the new branding, and was easy to manage.  Our solution that we proposed was a a modern themed WordPress responsive website utilizing a parallax effect background.  With a wide range of clientele, from 10 years old to 60+ years old, the website needed to perform on every device, from smartphones to desktop computers.

After working through our discussion on why WordPress makes sense as the most popular Content Management System available, and explaining “what is parallax”, the project began to take shape. She had a number of example websites that had caught her attention and we picked a few of the aspects from each and quickly made up the “must have” list for look and feel of the site.

A photo shoot was scheduled to capture the new location and a number of the clientele, placing the emphasis on the people, not the equipment, which is the reason that PACE Training exists.  The gym places an emphasis on the goals and objectives of the clients, providing a high amount of personal attention from the trainers/coaches.  We used the parallax effects of the design theme to make use of the new photography, making sure that the design elements of the site provided that subtle yet ever present focus on the client working to get stronger, healthier.

The site was built with a color scheme heavily influenced by Tiff’s choice in NHL teams and carries the color palette throughout mane aspects of the site.

The site went through a couple rounds of updates before reaching the finish line with content updates and a few design tweaks.


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SEO, Digital Marketing and All Things Google for Pura Windows

We have been working on implementing a digital marketing plan with a new client, Pura Windows, for a few months now.  When we first started, the Pura Windows website had been an unnecessary part of their marketing mix.  In fact, their marketing mix was an unnecessary part of their business plan.  They had a large multi-year commercial project that kept them focused on one client for an extended period.

As the end of their project was coming soon, the need to start up the marketing engine and go from a single customer company to a multi-customer company was clear.  We met with Pura Windows and discussed the current state of their digital marketing plan (they didn’t have one) and what we should do first.  Stage One was obvious, we need to get the Pura Windows name in front of the market.  So we detailed out what that would look like, then we talked longer term, Stage Two, what should happen after we had kick started the digital marketing efforts.

Stage One, as we said, was obvious.  With little to no marketing needed for several years, the online presence of Pura Windows was very low.  We decided on a three pronged approach to get things rolling again.  First, we developed a Google Ads campaign to begin driving traffic to the website and start to add leads to the sales pipeline.  Second, we worked on the on-page SEO optimization efforts to target the site, pages, and content to the their primary audience and put the focus on their most important products.  This also helps to gradually lessen the dependence on the Google Ads program to deliver all the traffic.  Third, we did a review of “All Things Google” that were lacking in their current efforts.  We produced a list of the available Google tools that had little or no cost and began to get Pura Windows properly positioned on various Google properties including Google My Business and Google Search Console and set up Google Analytics on the site so that we could properly measure the impacts of marketing efforts and fine tune the marketing mix down the road.  Part of this plan was to help promote the high level of customer satisfaction Pura is able to achieve by asking their past and new customers to provide Google reviews.  From 0 Google reviews to 29 in just over a month, and am overall 4.9 rating.  Outstanding!

Stage Two includes an upcoming list of activities that will build upon the success and foundation of Stage One.  We don’t want to reveal their marketing plans for obvious competitive reasons but we can say that Stage One has helped to provide the content for an aggressive Stage Two.

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SEO and SEM for WFO

As part of a multi-channel approach to market we have been working with Wilderness Family Outfitters – Saskatchewan Hunting and Fishing for several months to deploy a digital marketing strategy which includes both SEO project work as well as SEM project work.  wilderness Family Outfitters operates a world class hunting and fishing lodge in Northern Saskatchewan offering trophy hunting and fishing for numerous species of big game and fish.

SEO Project

When we began working with this client, they were just in the mid-stages of putting their new website together.  During this process we advised them on such topics as website content, thin content vs rich content, image file naming and attributes, and website architecture.  The previous site had a number of technical issues and nearly a non-existent search visibility.  As the new site went live, we help to ensure the technical problems plaguing their old site did not affect their new site.  Shortly after the launch of the new site, after being re-indexed by Google, the site was much better received and began to show a strong positive trend of gaining ranking position.  We have since worked with the client to also review the site and provide more optimization techniques to their on-page content and meta data to keep the upward trend going and attract more organic content.

As a component of the SEO project we have also been looking at off-site SEO activities to maximize the exposure of the site around industry related websites and Google friendly listings.  One of these includes listing the site as a preferred outfitter on – Saskatchewan Hunting and Fishing, a website property owned by Netnotic.

SEM Project – Google Ads

As mentioned above, the previous site version was virtually non-existent in the search engine results.  To immediately begin driving qualified traffic to the client, we implemented a Google Ads program with geo-specific targeting to display online search ads to hunting and fishing enthusiasts in southern USA geographies, a key location for their marketing efforts.  although working with a fairly modest media budget, we have been able to drive strong intent-based users to the site and provide a very good lead to bookings ratio.

The combination of SEO and SEM projects for this client has been a successful example of how we can immediately bring quality traffic to a client and then work to improve the organic traffic over a longer period of time for a dual source of traffic, leads, bookings and revenue.

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Northern Boreal Trophy Hunts WordPress Website

We have been working on building a new WordPress website with Northern Boreal Trophy Hunts to replace an older outdated site that was not performing well and also to build in some future scalability to add enhanced content such as hunting videos. On the topic of hunting videos, we were provided 11 hunter-recorded video files and we have worked through them to clip out big time segments of inactivity so we can show off the action. Included in out edits have been fixes to sound tracks and then packaging the videos into a YouTube post embedded on the Hunting Stories page.

We built this website with WordPress for a couple of key reasons.  The first one is the relative ease of adding plugins such as image galleries and forms.  The second is to provide the ability for the customer to handle their own on site content updates through the easiest to use content management system available.

During the site development process, there were lengthy delays in getting content for the informational pages.  Enough that it was delaying the completion of the website by months, not just days or weeks. So we changed our progress and as a result we substantially shortened the timelines.  Instead of requesting content for specific pages, we drafted it ourselves and then asked the client to review and comment.  Because we have built a number of websites for hunting outfitters, and we are pretty familiar with the geography, we had a pretty good idea of how to describe their business. We find this approach helpful when the client is much better at editing and changing as opposed to generating or creating content.  Instead of requesting, then checking in, then following up, then waiting, then checking again, we able to go from draft content, to review, to completed in under a week.

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Urban Equity Business Centre – Responsive WordPress Site

One of our long-standing customers, KD Group Canada, has refocused their business operations in Saskatoon and now their primary operation is the Urban Equity Business Centre.  With a refocus of the operations, we revamp the website to match.  Several years ago we converted their original website from a static html site to a mobile responsive site.  Now we have re-launched their website with a WordPress mobile responsive theme that more closely aligns with the Urban Equity Business Centre brand.

The new site design and content highlights their location within the JB Black Estates building on College Drive where they also offer business office space for lease within the Business Centre.  This high profile location is directly across from the University of Saskatchewan.  Included with each office is underground heated parking, a huge selling feature when compared to comparable single office space rentals available in Saskatoon.