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Project Description

This client specializes in providing home based business income earning opportunities.  They are the lead in a marketing organization that sells environmentally friend products that compete against big retail store brands and national brands.  The client was looking for a way to increase the number of leads and prospects coming to their website.  Their lead followup and nurturing process includes live webinars to help provide additional information to the prospects and help them get started in their own income earning business.  The industry they operate in is highly competitive, and, unfortunately prone to high amounts of questionable businesses and more than a fair share of scams.

Due to the amount of what I would call “spam chaff” in the marketplace, it would be very difficult to achieve top ranking results for their websites in search engines.  Netnotic Marketing helped with a Digital Marketing Strategy review to identify marketing opportunities and then to devise a plan within their marketing budget to bring online success.  The huge volume of poor quality sites within their competitive environment lead us to a marketing strategy of using Google AdWords to tightly target the search behavior of people looking for legitimate income earning opportunities and not just someone willing to fall for a get rich quick scheme.

With a keyword strategy targeting the “reputable” portion of the market, complete with negative keywords to avoid the bottom end, the strategy has been paying dividends for the enterprise.  Sign up to the webinars have increased since the beginning of the campaign and leads have been coming to the client from across their geographic territory.

Previous marketing efforts by the client have included expensive and time consuming tradeshows and direct mail campaigns that produced sparse results and consumed tremendous time and physical resources.  In addition to providing a much more efficient source of leads and prospects, the Google AdWords campaign is measurable and traceable so that results and marketing investment can be closely matched.