Britespan Buildings SEO and SEM

  • Britespan Buildings SEO and SEM, driving traffic to fill the sales pipeline.

Project Description

Britespan Buildings has quickly grown to the top of the North American fabric building market through an aggressive sales team, rapidly growing dealer network, and outstanding product value.  In order to continue with their aggressive growth plans they need to attract  more leads to the sales process and deliver their value proposition to a geographically diverse market.  Britespan came to Netnotic Marketing with the challenge to increase the sale pipeline of future customers more efficiently than through use of traditional marketing such as print, direct mail, email marketing and tradeshows.

After a complete site audit, we knew we had a winning formula.  To immediately prime the sales pipeline, we built an AdWords campaign directed to their primary market segments, and those with the potential for strong growth.  Within minutes of going live with the campaign, traffic volumes surged and qualified leads began filling out the contact forms.  With the immediate traffic boost doing it’s job, we focused our efforts on making the content of the website more obvious to Google and making it easier for Google to figure out the main purpose of each web page.

With a list of building applications as long as your imagination, we had to develop an SEO plan that addressed industry/product keywords as well as market segment common language terms.  As we worked through each section of pages, we began to see the positioning in SERPs rise steadily and organic search traffic rise as well.  Only several months into the project, we are already able to redirect the spend in some AdWords ad groups as the organic traffic in these categories is now the main source of visitors.  The combination of SEO and SEM again proved a potent one-two punch.