Carrizo Creek Facebook Page

  • Carizzo Creek Lodge Facebook Page

Project Description

We built the Carrizo Creek Lodge Facebook Page at request of our client to get them off and running with social media.  Carrizo Creek Lodge has been a customer of ours for several years with a managed website from us and has recently decided to venture into the world of social media.  The hunting community is a huge adopter of social media so this was a very good move for the client, a move we strongly encouraged.  We helped the client by establishing the page, adding some images, the logo, and company information, to get the page set up.  Then, to help them get noticed, we used our existing network of contacts, through, to invite Facebook friends to like the page and get them rolling with a number of image gallery postings.  Within a week they had their first 100 Likes and the network of contacts has quickly tripled since then,