College Mobile

  • College Mobile - Mobile Web Application Development

Project Description

College Mobile is an extremely interesting project as it is a company with tremendous market potential in an emerging market segment, mobile web application development. Already having launched a successful product with Mobilversity, the company has two markets, extending the web site centric applications to mobile devices for Universities, and for private corporations. With a tremendous amount of technical ability, the company turned to Netnotic Marketing for their experience in SEO research and implementation to helpo them get a running start. As a young company (less than one year old at time of SEO project initiation) in a new market, establishing a leading presence on the web search engines will give them early mover advantages and position them for the well anticipated demand cycle as the market needs grow rapidly. At Netnotic Marketing, we helped take generic definitions of the products they offer and use long tail search engine keyword optimization to narrowly define and target their market through aggressive Google AdWords and SEO.

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