Database Website Development – Artisan Design Build

Project Description

Artisan Design Build is one of Regina’s leading new home builders.  Their innovative approach lead them to Netnotic with an interesting website development project.  The Artisan website was already built, containing information on their houses and lots for sale in the neighborhood developments of Regina.  What they wanted to do was help their customers use the information their sales people had, to find a house model and pick a lot.  Rather than waiting until the customer had a chance to sit down with a sales person to figure out what houses can go on what lots and what lots have spec homes being built, Artisan is bring all the information to the house buyer’s web browser.

Depending on which way you look at it, a house buyer can choose an area, choose a lot, and see what models of houses can be built on that lot.  Or, if the buyer has a model of house in mind, they can begin with that model and be shown, on the lot maps, all the lots where that hose model can be built, including any spec homes currently under construction.

Database Website Development projects are always interesting because once you have the data stored, you continue to find new uses for it, and new ways to display the data for customers.  With every development in this project, we have identified a new use for the data and we expect this website development project to continue to grow in scope, functionality, and value to our client and their customers.