Digital Marketing and SEO for Rhode House Suites

Project Description

After doing some work in the short term rental / furnished apartment rental industry, we had an inquiry from Rhode House Suites.  Previously we had worked with one of their competitors, who now sits on top of most of the related search queries.  There request of us was simply, “what you did for X, we would like you to do for us.”

Rhode House Suites was starting in a different place in the rankings than “competitor X”.  Generally speaking, Rhode House Suites was in a better position.  We worked through our keyword discovery process with Rhode House and discovered that some of the keywords they were well ranked for did not have much search traffic, therefore the good rankings held very little value.  Continuing on with the research portion of the project, we settled on a set of keywords that were very relevant to the clients business offering and had good potential to drive higher volumes of search traffic.

With our optimization targets agreed to, we went to work re-optimizing their site to position them for traffic that mattered.  Initially, relative ranking position did not really change.  But we swapped out positioning in low traffic keywords for higher traffic, more relevant keywords.  Rankings, while similar, were producing higher levels of organic traffic, producing more leads, resulting in more bookings.

With a couple cycles of review and tweaks, we have been able to keep pushing Rhode House Suites up the rank positions and the results are increasing along with the efforts.