Digital Marketing Plan for Scott Lake Lodge

Project Description

Sometimes you just can’t pass up an opportunity to work with a client.  I must confess that I often feel this way whenever I am approached by a client involved in either the fishing or hunting industry.  As a lifelong outdoorsman, I find a tremendous amount of personal interest in what they have to offer.  I feel that my own outdoors passions, digital marketing experience, and their business needs are just a natural fit.  I met this client through my work with the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters, from speaking at their annual conference.

So it seems we all agreed to the same idea.  We put together a plan for Search Engine Optimization work as well as managing their digital ad campaigns on Google Ads.  One of the first questions I asked was “What digital marketing channels are producing the best results?”.  The answer was, they did not know.  They knew they we getting some calls, some emails, some form submissions, from the website but they were not able to determine from which source of traffic, from which marketing efforts, these leads were coming from.  With an aggressive Google Ads budget, this could mean spending thousands of dollars on traffic that never converts to a lead, never becomes a sale.

Before making any changes to the site, or any changes to the ad campaigns, we first put in place proper tracking.  Step 1 was to move their Google Analytics implementation to Google Tag Manager.  Then, Step 2, we set up conversion event tracking, reporting via Google Analytics so we knew what was being gained from organic traffic.  Step 3 was to set up the conversion tracking for Google Ads traffic, again reporting through Google Analytics.  Now, when a website visitor clicks on a phone number, on an email link, or completes a contact form, we can attribute that to the traffic source and ultimately the keyword searches.  We found a lot of the traffic was very transient, highly unlikely to convert to a paying customer.  So we did a deep dive into analytics, in Google Ads data, and we were able to identify the types of keyword searches that did have a higher probability of becoming a customer.

These highly relevant searches formed the basis of our SEO objectives and we set out to overhaul the search engine positioning of the site.  These high value search terms also became the core theme words in our revamp of the Google Ads campaigns.  We still have more work to do, but early comments back from the customer are that contacts from the website have never been this high and the quality has never been this good.