E and M Realty – Website Database Application

  • E and M Realty - Website Development & Database Application

Project Description

Through a referral from another client of ours, we began discussing with E and M Realty various ways to take advantage of web based technology to help position their company as leaders in their industry, while improving the information sources available to both themselves as well as their clients.  We were contracted by this Saskatchewan company for website development including building a data capture and reporting database application that would provide them with powerful insights into the operations of their show suite events.

Future plans for the project will increase both the accessibility of the data as well as their ability to constantly innovate the way they do business with their customers.  It’s an exciting company to work with and an exciting project to be a part of.

E and M Realty has a vision to be a top performing company and to leverage web technology to make their communications within and external more informative and efficient.  E and M believes that by gathering and using better data, they can better advise their developer clients with important insights into the end purchaser market.

Netnotic Marketing is working with E and M to develop web based data capture and MySQL database storage tools then using advanced PHP code to generate statistical graphs, email reports, and PDF documents of the reports.  The immediate benefit of capruring and reporting on more extensive data is a valuable understanding of the show suite demographics, the most valuable show suite days and times, and how that correlates to purchase volumes.

By providing more complete and more valuable information, E and M is able to stand above their competition.  E and M has plans to make further advancements using web technology to provide better information to the condo and house buyers using map based applications.  Netnotic Marketing has already developed a similar information application with a home developer and we see great potential to use similar technology.  Included in the deployment of these web based applications is a complete back end administrative interface to allow E and M to manage and run their own system without the need for Netnotic Marketing to be actively involved when changes and additions are needed.