Flaman Fitness & Flaman Trailers – SEO Project

  • Flaman Fitness & Flaman Trailers - SEO Project

Project Description

In partnership with Deep Dish Digital, we have provided an SEO guidance report to Flaman Industries for 2 of their 6 websites as stage one of a multi-stage SEO project.

The SEO guidance report addressed the websites through an  SEO audit perspective.  The audit looked at how a search engine such as Google would interpret the website and what was needed for the search engine to treat the site more favorably in the search rankings.  This included on-page SEO ranking signals such as page titles, page URL names, use of H1 and H2 tags, meta descriptions, image names, image alt tags, menus, menu title attributes, and several other factors known to be used by Google.  The intent was to help the client make the content pages of their site as obvious to Google as possible regarding what the page them was and how many content indicators there were.

In addition, we reviewed the website content strategy and made recommendations as to where and what type of content would prove to be beneficial to the site, to the site visitors, and to search engines.  In the end, search engines such as Google are looking for fresh, unique and quality content that is user friendly.  This SEO project was well received by the client and immediately put into action.