JB Black Estates

  • www.jbblackestates.com - Saskatoon Luxury Condominiums

Project Description

We partnered up with Rivet Consulting to transform the JB Black Estates website from a single page 100% Flash site to a dynamic integration of Flash and HTML. The previous version of the site had almost zero search engine relevant content. The only visitors to the site came from direct traffic, meaning the site was entirely dependent on offline marketing to bring traffic to the website and was foregoing any organic search traffic. As a result, the traffic stats were very low. For a company wanting to pre-sell their high end condominiums, this was not good enough. We re-structured the site, basing the presentation on Flash but also making the content available to search engines to gain more free traffic. After extensive keyword research, the content was built to be user friendly and also to appeal the best intents of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The end result is a beautiful and visually powerful website with great search traffic and improved performance. Using Google Analytics to measure the traffic growth trend, the site has increased visitors by 125%.

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