KD Group Digital Marketing Plan

  • KD Group Digital Marketing Plan

Project Description

KD Group is a multi-project construction management company based in Saskatoon, SK.  They have numerous commercial and multi-residential construction projects underway.  We worked with KD Group several years back on the digital marketing plan for their JB Black condominium development in Saskatoon, on College Drive.

As they are now deep into the construction of the Rivairo condominium development in Airdre, Alberta, they needed some help to formulate a digital marketing plan to promote the project to prospective buyers.  After a brief review of the site, then in consultation with KD Group management, we put together a digital marketing plan which includes Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, and enhancing the website using a condominium suite display system.

As the first phases of the digital marketing plan are unfolding, we have successfully helped KD Group onto the first page of the Google search results using Google AdWords.  This short-term tactic will be followed by search optimization, including local search optimization.