Manos – Saskatoon Restaurant SEO

  • SEO for Saskatoon - Manos Restaurant

Project Description

Manos Restaurant in Saskatoon is one of the most popular locations for Steak, Seafood, Greek Food and a carefully selected wine list.  It has long been a popular restaurant and recent remodel has match the restaurant decor to the high quality menu.

Along with an outstanding decor and menu, Manos was seeking to have an outstanding online marketing presence.  With a visually pleasing website already in place, one that matched the look and style of their restaurant, Manos wanted their website to do more.  We worked with Manos to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy intended to bring more people to their website and improve the quality of the information available.  Step one was to improve the on-page SEO of their website.  We worked with them to develop a keyword strategy that revolved around their clientele profile.

Once the on-page SEO was completed, we began to build the positioning of their brand as a top-end restaurant in Saskatoon by putting together a blog strategy.  The plan to continue to add high quality content to the Manos website is already in action and the reaction of Google has been to place higher Manos higher in the search rankings.