Northern Boreal Trophy Hunts WordPress Website

Project Description

We have been working on building a new WordPress website with Northern Boreal Trophy Hunts to replace an older outdated site that was not performing well and also to build in some future scalability to add enhanced content such as hunting videos. On the topic of hunting videos, we were provided 11 hunter-recorded video files and we have worked through them to clip out big time segments of inactivity so we can show off the action. Included in out edits have been fixes to sound tracks and then packaging the videos into a YouTube post embedded on the Hunting Stories page.

We built this website with WordPress for a couple of key reasons.  The first one is the relative ease of adding plugins such as image galleries and forms.  The second is to provide the ability for the customer to handle their own on site content updates through the easiest to use content management system available.

During the site development process, there were lengthy delays in getting content for the informational pages.  Enough that it was delaying the completion of the website by months, not just days or weeks. So we changed our progress and as a result we substantially shortened the timelines.  Instead of requesting content for specific pages, we drafted it ourselves and then asked the client to review and comment.  Because we have built a number of websites for hunting outfitters, and we are pretty familiar with the geography, we had a pretty good idea of how to describe their business. We find this approach helpful when the client is much better at editing and changing as opposed to generating or creating content.  Instead of requesting, then checking in, then following up, then waiting, then checking again, we able to go from draft content, to review, to completed in under a week.