PACE Training Responsive Website Development

Project Description

Through a number of personal connections, I met with PACE Training at a time when there were a number of business changes going on, including a move to a new facility.  Along with the move, Tiff (owner of PACE) wanted a new website that was modern, reflected the new branding, and was easy to manage.  Our solution that we proposed was a a modern themed WordPress responsive website utilizing a parallax effect background.  With a wide range of clientele, from 10 years old to 60+ years old, the website needed to perform on every device, from smartphones to desktop computers.

After working through our discussion on why WordPress makes sense as the most popular Content Management System available, and explaining “what is parallax”, the project began to take shape. She had a number of example websites that had caught her attention and we picked a few of the aspects from each and quickly made up the “must have” list for look and feel of the site.

A photo shoot was scheduled to capture the new location and a number of the clientele, placing the emphasis on the people, not the equipment, which is the reason that PACE Training exists.  The gym places an emphasis on the goals and objectives of the clients, providing a high amount of personal attention from the trainers/coaches.  We used the parallax effects of the design theme to make use of the new photography, making sure that the design elements of the site provided that subtle yet ever present focus on the client working to get stronger, healthier.

The site was built with a color scheme heavily influenced by Tiff’s choice in NHL teams and carries the color palette throughout mane aspects of the site.

The site went through a couple rounds of updates before reaching the finish line with content updates and a few design tweaks.