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Project Description

Pic A Tic has aggressive growth aspirations to reach the marketplace across North America. As one of the premier online event registration providers, Pic A Tic has been very successful and knows that their key to growth is to attracting customers from a wider geography. They engaged Netnotic Marketing to help them with the Search Engine Optimization and to redefine their Google AdWords campaign, with proper goal tracking and conversions tracking in place, to better understand their ROI on dollars invested. Pic A Tic had already done some primary research on choosing successful keywords and had partially implemented them within their site. Netnotic Marketing has helped with further research, to verify existing keywords, and to discover additional high potential keywords, and to assist Pic A Tic in the implementation of these into search optimized website pages. The project, from initial meeting to implementation has taken place over the course of three weeks and resulted in growing traffic from the start of implementation and onward. The AdWords campaign has served to generate an immediate traffic growth while the SEO work is increasing the ranking and free traffic from highly valuable improvements in search engine results.

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