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Project Description

We have been working with Rayner Agencies Ltd. (RAL) for a number of years on the SEO side of their digital marketing plan.  Following completion of that project, the discussions turned to how does RAL become more efficient at marketing and to leverage their customer database of several thousand clients.

We evaluated a number of Marketing Automation tool and in the end we selected InfusionSoft.  To begin we outlined a series of 4 marketing automation campaigns on paper, with flow-chart decision and action steps.

The first campaign to be launched was a New Customer Welcome campaign.  As new policies are sold, they are added to the campaign which then automatically schedules a series of communications through to a reminder phase of the policy renewal dates.  This significantly lessons the work load on the marketing and admin staff to track and coordinate the many thousands of email messages.  The campaign made use of the internal customer list.

The second campaign is a customer acquisition campaign, offering a free consultation to non-customers, promoting the offer through their website and social media channels.  As contacts respond to the campaign elements, they are routed to customer service personnel within the agency.  If a contact completes the process through a free consultation to purchasing a policy, then the second campaign is linked to the New Customer Welcome (the first campaign above).

The third campaign works again on the existing list of customers, for customers with a certain type of insurance policy, but not another.  The offer is for an existing customer to request a free consultation with RAL, potentially leading to the sale of an additional insurance policy to an existing customer.  When the new policy is sold, that feed into the New Customer Welcome campaign as well.

The fourth campaign will be another new customer acquisition effort, providing free information tools on the website and through social media.  As potential customers download the information tools, they are tracked in the system and presented with additional pieces of related information, leading to them self selecting into the Free Consultation campaign.

By building and launching these Marketing Automation campaigns, Netnotic Marketing has provided Rayner Agencies with tools to grow their business from both internal and external sources.