Responsive Website for Texas Deer Hunts

Project Description

An existing customer called us up and wanted to be more aggressive marketing their Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting.  We had already built them a website for their Texas Dove Hunting business but they wanted to be specific to deer hunting.

On top of building them a new website, and knowing they had opening in their hunt calendar for the current year, we recommended that they put a Google AdWords campaign in place to get traffic to the site right away, before the site started to gain traction in the Google search rankings.  We had a discussion on Wednesday about targeting, geography, budgets, and by Friday the ads were running and driving traffic to the site.

With the ongoing trend towards mobile internet access, especially on smart phones, we made the mobile view and functionality of the site our top priority.  This “Mobile First” approach is important.  In some of our clients, we are seeing mobile phone access to the site representing over 50% of user sessions.  The site design, content strategy, layouts, and image galleries were all optimized for mobile.