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Project Description

Before responsive websites were even a thing, we had built a website for PRTox that was partially mobile responsive. It had some elements that were built for mobile, to make it easier to navigate the content from a phone. But this was nothing compared to our new design for PRTox which is now fully mobile responsive and built on the WordPress Content Management platform.

The Client wanted to have the ability to edit their own content, especially the list of related links and the scientific publications they had authored.  For this reason, WordPress was an easy choice.  The client also wanted to be able to incorporate some custom graphics into the site design so we chose a theme that offered the flexibility of placing their own graphics into the header/background for their own personal touch.

Some of the features we chose for display of the content are a bit tricky in WordPress to work in, but the client has a PhD so we knew it was just a matter of sitting down once and showing them how it worked and then it was easy for them to work with.  We also added a blog section to the site as the Client wanted to be able to post news, updates, and thoughts in the world of Toxicology.