SEO and Google Ads for Hatchet Lake Lodge

Project Description

In 2018, we did our first presentation to the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters annual convention (we were asked to return again in 2019).  We have been working with the SCPO already for just under a year, assisting with SEO, digital marketing strategy, and implementing a new Google Ads campaign.  In the lead up to the conference, the SCPO had an inquiry from one of their members about who they were using for digital marketing (it was us) and asked if they could be referred.

So as a result, we met with Hatchet Lake Lodge and discussed a wide variety of digital marketing topics.  Looking at their site statistics, we discovered that they had decent organic traffic volumes but that they were not getting the commitment form the traffic they were hoping for.  In our digital marketing world we refer to those commitments as conversions.  A little more digging and we realized that while traffic volume was decent, the traffic (based on search terms we mined from Google Analytics) was not rally properly aligned with their luxury fishing lodge offering.  So set out on a two-pronged digital marketing plan to revamp the SEO optimization of their website for long-term traffic acquisition and a Google Ads campaign to immediately drive targeted traffic to the site, more in tune with their high end offering.