SEO Project – Dr Chris Thomson

  • SEO Project - Dr Chris Thomson

Project Description

Dr. Chris Thomson is a plastic surgeon in Saskatoon, specializing in a number of procedures, such as mastopexy (breast lift) and abdomimoplast (tummy tuck).  In the near past, the good doctor had his website hacked and contracted a design company to rebuild him a new, more secure, website.  They invited us to be the SEO project consultant and we worked alongside as the new site was built and content was posted.

The site posed an interesting challenge, but one that has become more commonplace, as single page scrolling websites become more common.  The challenge with performing SEO on a single page website is less real estate to work with.  With a single page site, that’s all you have to optimize, a single page, so your keyword plan needs to be laser focused, and your implementation needs to hit the SEO nail on the head.  Within a week of launch, we started to see rankings moving up and the trend is still on the rise.