SEO, Digital Marketing and All Things Google for Pura Windows

Project Description

We have been working on implementing a digital marketing plan with a new client, Pura Windows, for a few months now.  When we first started, the Pura Windows website had been an unnecessary part of their marketing mix.  In fact, their marketing mix was an unnecessary part of their business plan.  They had a large multi-year commercial project that kept them focused on one client for an extended period.

As the end of their project was coming soon, the need to start up the marketing engine and go from a single customer company to a multi-customer company was clear.  We met with Pura Windows and discussed the current state of their digital marketing plan (they didn’t have one) and what we should do first.  Stage One was obvious, we need to get the Pura Windows name in front of the market.  So we detailed out what that would look like, then we talked longer term, Stage Two, what should happen after we had kick started the digital marketing efforts.

Stage One, as we said, was obvious.  With little to no marketing needed for several years, the online presence of Pura Windows was very low.  We decided on a three pronged approach to get things rolling again.  First, we developed a Google Ads campaign to begin driving traffic to the website and start to add leads to the sales pipeline.  Second, we worked on the on-page SEO optimization efforts to target the site, pages, and content to the their primary audience and put the focus on their most important products.  This also helps to gradually lessen the dependence on the Google Ads program to deliver all the traffic.  Third, we did a review of “All Things Google” that were lacking in their current efforts.  We produced a list of the available Google tools that had little or no cost and began to get Pura Windows properly positioned on various Google properties including Google My Business and Google Search Console and set up Google Analytics on the site so that we could properly measure the impacts of marketing efforts and fine tune the marketing mix down the road.  Part of this plan was to help promote the high level of customer satisfaction Pura is able to achieve by asking their past and new customers to provide Google reviews.  From 0 Google reviews to 29 in just over a month, and am overall 4.9 rating.  Outstanding!

Stage Two includes an upcoming list of activities that will build upon the success and foundation of Stage One.  We don’t want to reveal their marketing plans for obvious competitive reasons but we can say that Stage One has helped to provide the content for an aggressive Stage Two.