Special Purpose Subdomain SEO

Project Description

We have just completed setting up a special purpose subdomain for a client of ours to specifically target a key search phrase.  The new subdomain at foamjacking.gunnercorp.ca uses a finely tuned SEO strategy to combat a competitive and inferior practice to their services.  By creating a subdomain, the content of this subdomain is considered separate from the main website in the eyes of search engines and therefore is evaluated and ranked on it’s own.  The client wants to specifically target key search terms.  To do this, they have written an explanation and a comparison between the issue with the competitive services process and the advantages of their own methods.

The advantage of subdomain SEO vs incorporating the content directly into a subfolder on the main website domain has as much to do with the intent of the content as anything else.  The client wanted to post and document their viewpoint without having it linked directly from their site.  From an SEO standpoint, focusing the submain SEO target keywords makes it highly specialized and allows for both targeting of the key search phrases as well as the geographic focus desired by the client.