SSRE Holdings Inc. Responsive Website Design

  • SSRE Holdings Inc. Responsive Website Design

Project Description

SSRE Holdings Inc. is a closely held private company that invests in commercial and residential opportunities in rural Saskatchewan. SSRE knows the value and flexibility of operating in rural communities that can benefit both Companies and their employees.  When they took on the Young School Building project, they needed a website to showcase the project, as well as build in scalability to highlight future projects.

The first priority of the website was to show case the Young School Building project.  The second priority was to make it accessible across any type of web-enabled device, from smartphones to desktops, using a responsive website design.  With their projects usually located in rural areas of Saskatchewan, it was important to provide the information in a format optimized to whatever device the potential customers may be using.

We built the pages to highlight the features of the Young School Building by incorporating slideshow image galleries for each major aspect of the building, using the Ken Burns zooming effect and fly-in captions to liven up the content.