WordPress & SEO for Skill Shark

Project Description

Every now and then along comes a project that you just really want to be a part of.  That was the case when the Skill Shark project opportunity came along.  I have always been involved in sports and for the last 20 year in coaching so when I met the guy who built a new athlete evaluation app, I knew we had to work together.

When we started, the skillshark.net website was only a home page.  No other content.  All the application software that the app uses resides separate from the marketing site.  So the path forward was clear, build out the website into a true marketing site, showing off all that Skill Shark can do, and attract organic traffic to the site.

A few suggestions back and forth between Skill Shark and Netnotic, some ideas tested and a plan was put together.  Not only will this app attract it’s own users through the Apple App Store but it will soon be features on Google Play as well.  Combine this with organic traffic to skillshark.net and the growth of the app is about to take off.