Webhail Adwords and SEO - Round 2

Webhail AdWords and SEO – Round 2

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We worked with Webhail last spring and when the hail insurance selling season was approaching they, we back in contact to re-run the successful Google AdWords program from the previous year.  Prior to running the AdWords campaign, we ran through their website with an SEO audit and provided a number of recommendations for changes with […]

Carrizo Creek Facebook Page Carrizo Creek Facebook Page

Carrizo Creek Facebook Page

Carrizo Creek Facebook Page


We built the Carrizo Creek Lodge Facebook Page at request of our client to get them off and running with social media.  Carrizo Creek Lodge has been a customer of ours for several years with a managed website from us and has recently decided to venture into the world of social media.  The hunting community […]

Organic Photography - Saskatoon SEO Project

Organic Photography – Saskatoon SEO Project

Organic Photography is a thriving professional photography business in Saskatoon.  Like many small businesses offering a personalized service, Organic receives a large amount of their business through referrals and repeat clients.  The company has been strong in the family and lifestyle photography business and wanted to use their website to help attract more business in […]

Mainline Auto Finance Google AdWords, Landing Pages, Facebook Ads

Mainline – Google AdWords and More

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With a new business and a new website, Mainline Auto Finance Center needed to bring some new traffic to their website.  We built a Google AdWords program and a Facebook Ads program for this newly launched business with new Landing Pages.  Mainline is the same brand of dealerships already serving Saskatchewan so they have a […]

Saskatchewan SEO and AdWords for Webhail

Webhail – SEO


Webhail is a niche service in the niche market of Western Canadian hail insurance.  Their unique angle is that the purchase process is entirely online.  As a broker normally operates, Webhail, owned by Hometown Insurance, represents the hail insurance policies of the leading insurance companies.  Hail insurance is purchased online, from a PC, a tablet, […]

Database Website Development – Artisan Design Build Database Website Development – Artisan Design Build

Database Website Development – Artisan Design Build

Database Website Development – Artisan Design Build

Artisan Design Build is one of Regina’s leading new home builders.  Their innovative approach lead them to Netnotic with an interesting website development project.  The Artisan website was already built, containing information on their houses and lots for sale in the neighborhood developments of Regina.  What they wanted to do was help their customers use […]

Flaman Fitness & Flaman Trailers - SEO Project

Flaman Fitness & Flaman Trailers – SEO Project

In partnership with Deep Dish Digital, we have provided an SEO guidance report to Flaman Industries for 2 of their 6 websites as stage one of a multi-stage SEO project. The SEO guidance report addressed the websites through an  SEO audit perspective.  The audit looked at how a search engine such as Google would interpret […]

SEO for Saskatoon - Manos Restaurant

Manos – Saskatoon Restaurant SEO


Manos Restaurant in Saskatoon is one of the most popular locations for Steak, Seafood, Greek Food and a carefully selected wine list.  It has long been a popular restaurant and recent remodel has match the restaurant decor to the high quality menu. Along with an outstanding decor and menu, Manos was seeking to have an […]

Google AdWords - Brandrick Enterprises

Brandrick Enterprises – Google AdWords


This client specializes in providing home based business income earning opportunities.  They are the lead in a marketing organization that sells environmentally friend products that compete against big retail store brands and national brands.  The client was looking for a way to increase the number of leads and prospects coming to their website.  Their lead […]

Saskatoon Doors and More – Website Project

Saskatoon Doors and More is a growing local business under new ownership.  The new owners were referred to Netnotic Marketing by one of our other customers, whom they new from previous business experience.  They wanted a website and a supplier who could adjust with them as they put expansion plans into action.  Initially we took […]