Off-Page Optimization – Link Builder

When other websites link to your website, it is a vote for your site. Website link building is an important component of website optimization. What you should be targeting are strong and relevant links between your sites and link partners who are truly complimentary to your business focus.

There are three critical sides to building traffic on the web. The first step is to have something to say, that is your content, your pictures and words that users see and read. The second is known as on page optimization. The third can be just as powerful as the other two, and it is in regards to your external or in-bound links. This is sometimes called off page optimization. Our Link Builder service is designed to bring your site more popularity with search engines by having other sites link to your site.

We use a proprietary method to produce content based on your marketing message and submit to numerous article and blog post sites which result in links back to your pages, all your pages. Our methods improve the search engine ranking of your site on all your pages, not just your home page.

Buying Links

We do not believe in buying links to our customer’s websites as an effective method of SEO.  Much of the focus of recent Google algorithm updates (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) have been aimed at reducing the search results of websites which have attempted to “fool” or “trick” Google in the past with questionable tactics.  This has included low quality websites, sits without original content, and sites that have unrelated and irrelevant links.  Good websites have good link building strategies that connect websites with quality, related, content.  Good link building is not automated or easy, it is slow and deliberate and meaningful.

Need help building quality links to your site, contact Netnotic Marketing and we will discuss the right approach.