Netnotic Marketing is a Saskatoon based SEO consultant.  We are proud to call Saskatoon home and proud to serve the business community of Saskatoon with Search Engine Optimization and other digital marketing services.  One of the important considerations when marketing your website is the geographic area that you service.  If you are a local company serving a local market then you need to make sure you have done everything you can to identify yourself and to list yourself on the all the prime local search directories.  We can show you how to do this.  Google has a localization bias into it’s search results such that it will attempt to include several websites, high in the results, that are local to the searcher.  This means companies that put efforts in local search optimization will be rewarded with traffic.

For companies with a local market, such as Saskatoon, then you will want to limit the competition you face with localized marketing efforts.  For example, if you are a plumbing contractor, then there is no need to compete for a very broad terms such as “plumbing repair”.  There must be thousands of plumber websites in North America with that term.  Instead, choose to take the local market traffic with terms such as “Saskatoon plumbing repair”, “Saskatoon plumbing renovations”, and “Saskatoon emergency plumber”.  This eliminates 99% of the competition and exponentially increases your likelihood of getting found.

So if you need assistance with your Saskatoon SEO project, then try out Netnotic Marketing.