Netnotic is developing the concept of industry specific service hubs. This new service centralizes the programming within the Netnotic Infrastructure then provides access to customers who subscribe to the service. Customers are able to manage and display their content from within their own website, with their own username and password.

The Service Hub Model allows customers to use software on a subscription basis rather than having software custom developed which leads to a bigger price tag and the bugs associated with a one-off development process. Additionally, when an enhancement is made to the system, it is automatically available to all users. The initial investment (both in terms of dollars and time) is eliminated as well as the waiting and testing time to get up and running. The app is ready to go today.

For Rodeo Associations:  Rodeo Management SystemTM

The Rodeo Management SystemTM is an exciting new product.  An end-to-end system from both the rodeo administration side as well as the rodeo contestant side.  For the rodeo administrator, management tools are in place to set up the entire rodeo schedule, manage all rodeo entrants, generate a rodeo draw, record results and print checks for the winners.  The RMS handles many of the functions in-between, such as member database, calculating payout amounts, calculating season standings, and much more.

For Home Builders: Home Lot Finder AppTM

Our newest Service Product is the Home Lot Finder AppTM. This service is ideally suited for use by New Home Builders/Developers but can also be used by Condominium Developers. This service helps your customers find the locations of your available lots, spec homes and show homes and aids them in their information gathering. To activate the application on your website, it only requires a couple of small snipets of code added to your website, one for the public display to your customers, and one for the link to the administration side of the system.

Hockey Tournament Management

Our first Service Hub product went live several years ago as the Hockey Tournament Management system, now in use with several of the largest spring hockey tournaments in North America. These include the Manitoba Lightning Hockey Tournament. Our Hockey Tournament Management service is a fully integrated system, from team registrations and rosters through tournament scheduling, draws and schedule updates, team standings, player stats, and more. We invite you to view the Demo.

We have no less than 5 additional Service Hub Products in development or on the drawings boards and we are working to bring our latest creations to market while we build a service team behind each one.