Responsive Site Design + Parallax

Project Description

For Cowan Lake Outfitters, we have just launched their brand new website, using a responsive web site design incorporating the “parallax concept”.

Both responsive design and parallax have become very hot trends in web design as of late and this site has both built-in.  In fact, the parallax design is a multi-page parallax site so it goes beyond what parallax was initially intended for (one-page websites).

In order to build a good parallax site, you need to have great imagery.  Fortunately, as a Saskatchewan whitetail deer and black bear hunting outfitter, they have plenty of outstanding hunting trophy pictures to utilize.  Prospective clients love to see a big photo gallery full of great trophys taken over the years.  If you are a hunter, it will make your trigger finger develop an itch and send your brain spinning to thoughts of mid November when the big buck walks into your sights.

Did we mention the image gallery is a custom programmed feature?  In addition to a large format image slider at the top of the gallery pages, we have included a clickable thumbnail gallery of even more trophy pics that expand in a thickbox effect.  We even went a step further and built them a custom admin function where they can upload their hunting trophy pics right away, even from the tree stand out in the forest.

Responsive Site Design is of course the leading approach to making your website display properly across a range of devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

Another great aspect of this story is that the customer came by way of referral from the outfitter they bought the hunting operations from.  Poplar Point Resort has been a customer for over 10 years and when they split their operation in two pieces, Camping & Fishing and Hunting, they referred us to the new owners of the Hunting side of the business.