SEO and SEM for WFO

Project Description

As part of a multi-channel approach to market we have been working with Wilderness Family Outfitters – Saskatchewan Hunting and Fishing for several months to deploy a digital marketing strategy which includes both SEO project work as well as SEM project work.  wilderness Family Outfitters operates a world class hunting and fishing lodge in Northern Saskatchewan offering trophy hunting and fishing for numerous species of big game and fish.

SEO Project

When we began working with this client, they were just in the mid-stages of putting their new website together.  During this process we advised them on such topics as website content, thin content vs rich content, image file naming and attributes, and website architecture.  The previous site had a number of technical issues and nearly a non-existent search visibility.  As the new site went live, we help to ensure the technical problems plaguing their old site did not affect their new site.  Shortly after the launch of the new site, after being re-indexed by Google, the site was much better received and began to show a strong positive trend of gaining ranking position.  We have since worked with the client to also review the site and provide more optimization techniques to their on-page content and meta data to keep the upward trend going and attract more organic content.

As a component of the SEO project we have also been looking at off-site SEO activities to maximize the exposure of the site around industry related websites and Google friendly listings.  One of these includes listing the site as a preferred outfitter on – Saskatchewan Hunting and Fishing, a website property owned by Netnotic.

SEM Project – Google Ads

As mentioned above, the previous site version was virtually non-existent in the search engine results.  To immediately begin driving qualified traffic to the client, we implemented a Google Ads program with geo-specific targeting to display online search ads to hunting and fishing enthusiasts in southern USA geographies, a key location for their marketing efforts.  although working with a fairly modest media budget, we have been able to drive strong intent-based users to the site and provide a very good lead to bookings ratio.

The combination of SEO and SEM projects for this client has been a successful example of how we can immediately bring quality traffic to a client and then work to improve the organic traffic over a longer period of time for a dual source of traffic, leads, bookings and revenue.